Communication and Networking For Industrial Automation

Connectivity Solutions Plus, Inc. (CSP), An ISO 9001 Certified Manufacturer, Specializes In Industrial communication and networking for Harsh Industrial Applications Including Wireless I/O, Industrial Grade Wireless Gateways, Gateways, Industrial IoT, PLC Communication Using license free frequency bands As Well As 3G/4G Based Cell Based Technologies including:

Wireless I/O Devices for cable-free transmission of analog and digital sensor I/Os
Wireless Communication Devices For PLC Connectivity Including Profibus, Modbus, CAN And Others
Routers Gateways for 3G and 4G LTE applications
Cloud Based Remote Monitoring Systems
Charging solutions for Electrical Cars

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CSP Specializes In Matching Application Needs With The Right Communication Technologies For End-Users And OEMs. We Are Flexible By Design, Providing A Wide Range Of communication and networking solutions, Field-Configurable Systems, Exceptional Customer Service, And Custom Product Modifications.

Our solutions have Been Used In Many Industries Including Water And Wastewater Management, Oil And Gas, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals, Energy, Food Manufacturing And Agricultural Applications To Name A Few. Most Notably, Our Wireless Devices Have Had Huge Success For OEM Market Leaders In Oil And Gas, Automatic Car Wash, And Medical Industries, And Have Been Staples For End-User Manufacturers Everywhere. 

We Are On The Cutting-Edge Of Industrial Remote Monitoring Integration With Level And Pressure Sensors. Bulk Material Handling And Logistic Companies Are Saving Time And Money Using Our Tools For Remote Data Access To Sensors On Tanks Spread Across Entire Regions. These Real-Time Monitoring Techniques Are Revolutionizing The Way Many Companies Gather And Respond To Data. 

Today, Connectivity Solutions Plus Is Privately Held. We Are A Growing Company Dedicated To Providing High Quality, Highly Functional Industrial Grade communication and Networking solutions To Our Customers With Exceptional Service And Knowledgeable Engineering.

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Please make sure you ask for our extensive line of Outdoor and EX-Rated enclosures, Antennas, Cables, Connectors for your application when you inquire about our Industrial Communication and Networking products


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